Multi-generational Family Travel
School plays and Grandparents Day are great, but how often do you truly have the chance to connect with your extended family?   Multi-generational family travel refers to vacations and shared experiences spanning at least two generations. Most commonly, it’s a set of grandparents travelling with their grown children and grandchildren, but it can also be adults spending quality time with parents in their golden years or just grandparents and grandchildren travelling together.
Multi-generational travel has become one of the fastest growing travel trends.   As the baby boom generation retires, many of them are figuring out that one of the reasons they worked for all their lives was the ability to spend their retirement with family, creating meaningful shared experiences. Let Castle Hills Travel use their expertise to plan that perfect trip.
Examples of Multi-Generational trips:
  • Cruises, just about anywhere in the world
  • All-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and South Pacific
  • Adventures in the Galapagos Islands… the Amazon River… an African Safari!
The possibilities are nearly endless. Where in the world do you want to create memories with your family?